Tapping into the future of IoT (Internet of Things) while encouraging Female participation.

By: Agosu Tayo

As the world continues to evolve in terms of business and general lifestyle occasioned by the post-Covid experiences, tefem has taken it upon itself to advocate for more women participation in the new world business order.

tefem (Tech for females) is a female media network and a registered NGO specifically aimed at improving the standard of living of women by empowering them with media related expertise on the Cyber space and other digital skills.

Honorable Elvis Obi Nwankwo

This NGO has a vision of empowering over 15000 women with relevant technology and creative skills in Africa by 2025. it will be agreed that as more awareness to further encourage more participation of women in tech, this is not a bad idea especially as it’s happening in Enugu which is the homestead of tech development in Eastern Nigeria.

It is now becoming obvious that the future of workspaces will take roots in ICT as young people are getting more awareness about internet of things (IOT).

Speaking at the event on “Building women with digital skills in web 3 and blockchains technology”. the first speaker Mr. Okeke Onyedikachi spoke extensively about blockchains and its benefits, workings as regards crypto currency, video streaming in the new world business order and how to maximize the cyberspace in general. speaking further, he x-rayed how cyberspace can be maximized using Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Freelancing sites and others.

Also, at the event was Honorable Elvis Nwankwo, the special adviser to the Enugu state government on innovation, science and technology. As usual took the opportunity to speak on the benefits inherent in technology via maximizing social capital. According to him social capital is being able to maximize your network to get things done on record time.

While speaking further, he x-rayed the five ‘C’s of social capital. He pointed out the ingredients of effective social capital as: CAPACITY to deliver at every point without excuses, your CHARACTER must be top-notch while you understand your limits, CONSISTENCY in whatever it is you do, COMMITMENT to what you do by owning up and being abreast of industry happenings, and COURAGE to persevere while bringing your dream to fruition.


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