By: Agosu Tayo

In an event that got everyone wondering what could be happening in Ogui area of Enugu State, A middle aged woman has allegedly abandoned her 4-year-old son in a lotto outlet after using him to play a game of chance in Enugu State. gathered that the unfortunate incident happened at Moore House Street, Ogui Enugu, on Thursday, 29th September, 2022 in the afternoon. It will be recalled that a supposed dead woman resurfaced in this same area earlier this year causing a lot of internet buzz.

Residents of the area said the woman left her son in the lotto shop after she incurred a huge loss she obviously could not offset. The innocent child was later taken to Ogui police station when the wait for his mother was becoming both worrisome and endless.

A police officer who had a chat with our crew said the little child was brought to the station by some persons that claimed his mother abandoned him at the lotto shop.

He stated that, the child has been crying and calling for his mother since he was brought to the station but they’re having slight difficulty getting any information from him because he can barely talk, adding that full investigation into the incident will commence immediately.

“The boy from his look, is less than 4 years and was brought to our station by some people who claimed his mother used him to play lotto in Moore House Street, Ogui Enugu.

“We have been unable to gather any helpful information from the Little child because he doesn’t talk very well but we hope to commence full investigation following the lead provided by the well-meaning citizens that brought the him to the station,” said the officer who spoke under the condition anonymity Moore House Street, Ogui is fast becoming notorious for irrational stories in the recent time which has prompted the visit of the Executive Governor of The State, Rt Hon Ifeanyi


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