The press had earlier reported that the lawmaker, Okechukwu had Attracted a health boost Sensitization training across the three individual local government Areas, that constitutes Awgu, Aninri and Oji river Federal constituency.

The 3-day Sensitization program duly anchored and Organised by the Nigerian tourism development corperation, is themed, “Domestic Cultural Health practices.”

The participants are to be taught, sensitized, Empowered with Kits and grants, in order to further sensitize the other locals.

The program was aimed at teaching the constituents, the methods of preventing impending diseases and illnesses towards building better vitality. Again, it was targeted at taking persons back to the domestic and cultural health practices.

The 300 participants were also taught the Domesticated method of the production of basic day to day consumables, Such as Liquid Soap, Disinfectants, Pomades etc.

In realization that when diseases are prevented, the rate of possible infection are reduced to the barest minimum, Okechukwu Attracted this train of Facilitators to address the issue of Personal Hygiene, Disease prevention, Home-made Production processes.

This program has brought to limelight, the causes, Preventive measures and mode of contraction of some easily obtainable ailments within the environment, Such as River blindness, Yellow fever, Ulcers, Cancers, Elephantiasis as well as Testicular Swelling etc.

The Sensitization program began at Aninri, where the Facilitators spent three days impacting knowledge to the locals of Aninri local government Area.

Amid the lectures and sessions, the participants confirmed to our Correspondents that the program were explicitly insightful as they had learnt several ways of keeping their health and well-being in check. Equally, they had mouths full of appreciation for the lawmaker.

Hajiya Bello latifah kemi, a facilitator under NCDC, after appreciating the President, Muhammadu Buhari and Minister for information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, thanked Okechukwu, for bringing down the program to the constituency, as it avails them the opportunity to understand their environment, also keep themselves unexposed to disease causative organisms.

She also laid emphasis on the need to imbibe personal neatness as well as environmental sanitation, as dirty environments becomes a breeding ground for such harmful organisms.

Chioma Ibe, the Zonal coordinator Nigerian tourism development corperation, Enugu who represented the Director General, Folorunsho Coker told us in an exclusive Interview that, “Due to none availability of jobs in Nigeria, our leaders have become proactive in sourcing for ways to ensure that our people, youths are self employed and self reliant.”

“Toby Okechukwu has brought the is program for Sensitization, trying to teach our youths to make products, by themselves after graduation without totally depending on the Government totally. They can as well market the products.”

“They were given health talks by health professionals. To curtail ailments such as Elephantiasis, ulcers and Cancers, river blindness and yellow fever including Covid-19. Their causes, protective measures, Remedy and prevention were carefully outlined.”

She continued saying, “When you get to realise the causes of certain ailments, you can be intentional and deliberate towards the prevention. Even when they get exposed to such risks, they can take immediate preventive measures as taught in this program.

By so doing, the rate of persons suffering from such ailments will be reduced drastically, thereby building development, the production teaching improves the economy of the constituency.”

When asked the driving force behind this initiative, Okechukwu said, that he hopes that his annual medical outreach will experience lesser patients, owing to the eradication of diseases in his constituency, because to him, a healthy Constituency is a wealthy Constituency.

Subsequently, the participants were Certified, empowered with kits and grants to startup a minimal practice.

The train of Facilitators are to begin Sensitization next for Awgu North state Constituency, on Monday 30th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020, while that of Awgu South State Constituency begins on Thursday 3rd December to 5th December 2020, all at Ugbonabo Civic Center in Awgu local government Area Enugu.


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