Following the fact,
that the best form of development is development from within, holding on to this fact, the urban push and rural pull theory takes effect to ensure the effect of centrifugal development.

It is no longer a news that Enugu west Senatorial Zone is facing a massive underdevelopment considering the low infrastructure, social and basic amenities, undermining the Economic viability of the Senatorial Zone in question..

The question is ,Why is Enugu west facing this Developmental disaster? .
is it that we lack the political will or that we lack quality leaders whose primary duty is to ensure that our interests are effectively  represented in both the federal and state level considering the different tiers and organs of the government?.

This is a call for accountability,
where is the constituency project, federal allocation fashioned for Enugu West senatorial zone going to?
Has it already been budgeted for the servicing of loyalties?

We cannot even boast of a quality road,
the herdsmen attack on our farmers discouraging the thrive of agriculture in our communities, the stomach infrastructure of our community is still at risk, what about the snail Movement of the university  Education in Ihe?, 90% percent of our youths are still dependent on their parents for survival,
the interstate conflict and the land dispute in Awgu, Aninri and other axis across Enugu west is becoming unbearable.

The local council, the state and federal house of reps and senator, cum the state government should address the above issues.

Any leader in Enugu west who fails to represent the interest of Enugu west population and settlement is an Enemy to the Senatorial zone.

Check your local government, check your wards and do the needful.

Sequel to this development
We’ll be posting the pictures of our representatives and stake holders of each local government in Enugu West .
This is aimed at bringing you to a know of who is representing you in any of the levels and who you should hold responsible if they fail to do their jobs .

Enugu west youths refuse to fall into the trap of gullibility this time.

We really need accessible road networks, standard hospitals and schools, sponsorship of our local farmers, creation of functional markets for our local farmers and many more…

We the youths of Enugu west stand to say no to Marginalization both internal and external.

We refuse to settle for less, when we can get more, our leaders should sit up and face their primary responsibilities, which is to effectuate the interest of the people they are Representing politically and not for servicing of loyalties to the detriment of the poor indigenes of Enugu west…

Considering the dellapidated nature of our community hospitals, schools and our roads we stand to say no to the intentional plans of our leaders towards under-developing of Enugu west Senatorial Zone.

The abandoned projects by both the states, Enugu west legislators and local councils should be revisited for a sustainable development in our dear Senatorial Zone.

Enugu West senatorial zone is our own, we can’t allow it to decay, when we have the appropriate bodies who should be responsible for the proper cure of her developmental malady..

Together we can build the Enugu west of our dream

The Eagles are watching, all steps documented. 

Enugu west leaders sit up…

Anticipate for the green Revolution…

#EWYGA Media Team


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