By Eze, Izuchukwu Ochenwari

Enugu West Youth General Assembly (EWYGA), the umbrella body for all indegineous youths from Enugu West Senatorial District of Enugu State has condemned the killing of her constituents by some members of Nigeria Police.

The youth constituency of Enugu West senatorial zone has expressed its anger over the death of one Mr Ejike Okeke popularly known as Keke among his folks and others.

Until his death, Mr Ejike Okeke who is a native of Ezeagu local government area of Enugu State was a National Diploma level one student at the Department of Computer Science in the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (IMT).

According to the EWYGA leader, Engr Elvis Obinna Nwankwo, “Ejike Okeke was hit by a bullet released by a police officer at Juhel Filling Station, Nkpokiti in Ogui-New Layout an area in Enugu where he worked until his untimely death on October 24.

“The distance between Juhel Filling Station (Okeke’s work place) and Queens College Enugu is too obvious to prove that the young man was innocently killed in cold blood for no just reason”.

Ejike Okeke

EWYGA’s and other reports from concerned groups maintained that Ejike Okeke had nothing to do with those who went to break hall were Enugu State COVID-19 palliative were falsely assumed to had been stored by the misguided miscreants.

EWYGA cried that Ejike Okeke was at his work place when the soulless bullets stole his life at such prime age, hence, did nothing wrong to deserve such untimely death.

Mr Nwankwo said: “Ejike Okeke must had been murdered by careless policeman who cares for nothing but to please his boss. He must had murdered the innocent student who took job to sponsor himself through school just to win promotion.

“Eye witnesses account reported that even those who went to scamper for the COVID-19 palliatives had no weapons. The big question remains, why shooting at them?

“We, therefore call on Enugu State Government ably led by Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the Federal Government of Nigeria led by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari to kindly use their good offices to ensure that the policeman whose bullet killed Mr Ejike Okeke is brought to justice;

“The fact remains, money can’t replace the vacuum created by the murder of Ejike Okeke, but, Enugu State Government and the Federal Government should see that the family of the Late Ejike Okeke is given an appreciable compensation.

“The death of Ejike Okeke, and the other three of our constituents have dealt a heavy blow on us all. Enugu West Youth General Assembly (EWYGA) and the entirety of Enugu West, both old and young mourn these great losses.

“the leadership of EWYGA shall unleash all of our legal arsenals to ensure the family of Ejike Okeke, latte Ikechukwu Iloamauzor and others are duly compensated, and justice ascertained”, Engr Elvis Obinna Nwankwo concluded in tears.

NEWS SOURCE: VOICE NOTE released by EWYGA leader on 24th October 2020.


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