By: Mbogu Ozioma

The geometrical increase in the number of dead bodies of promising young Adult as a result of the face-off currently being witnessed in the ongoing #ENDSARS peaceful protest has continually called for urgent attention. The protest was organized by the Nigerian youths as a way of expressing their agitations and grievances towards the controversial unit of the Nigerian Police Force – SARS, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad – (SARS) for their involvement in various illegal activities, brazen disregard of fundamental Human rights and abuses not to mention kidnappings, rape, theft, murder, subhuman treatments and indiscriminate public harassment, extrajudicial killings, unlawful detention, extortions, tortures and unlawful arrests in Nigeria.

It all started as a peaceful protest before another twist came into the peaceful activities which people adjudged as one of the most coordinated protest the history of our Nation as a sovereign country. Quite unfortunate is the fact that the original intention of the protesters was almost defeated as the situation degenerated into what Nigerians now refer to as the Black Tuesday fielding so many hashtags on the social space, prominent among which is #LekkiMassacre. Needless to detail the lives that were lost which further provoked anger among the citizens which lead to wanton destruction of government and private properties, arson and other vices. Analyst have variously described the ugly incidents across the nation as activities of hoodlums taking advantage of the protest to cause mayhem and destabilize the national peace.

After the Carnage of the unarmed peaceful protesters
at the Lekki tollgate on the 20th of October 2020 around 7:00pm that Tuesday evening, the streets of the country has been over powered by the actions of Angry and Agitated hoodlums and youths as a reaction to the actions of the government against her very own citizens. Lives and properties of fellow citizens have been lost and laid to waste.

Globally, force and violence has never been a peaceful way to resolve dispute in a social system. The above actions has only proven that there is a problem in the way we operate our system and which should be addressed with all level of importance and urgency in a diplomatic and discreet manner as obtained in developed climes.

I sincerely plead to all Nigerian youths and citizens, we started off peacefully and our voices have been heard. Our agitations have triggered the actions of the world leaders and the president has given us his word. We have proven to be an organised generation capable of bringing about far greater change. Let’s not forget the goal. It was all to end the injustice and prejudice going on in the country under our very own Noses. To bring justice for the lives lost in the arms of corrupt police men and leaders of this very country, to End SARS and police brutality of any kind and to create an environment where true justice prevails for all regardless of your religion, ethnic group, economic backgrounds or physical appearances.

Destruction of lives and properties is never a reasonable alternative to resolving violence and injustice. This is an appeal to youths all over the country, let’s have a Re-think, let’s take a reversed action in the case of the destruction of innocent lives and properties. Let’s not make the same mistakes we are trying to correct. Destroying the properties of our fellow citizens won’t solve our problems rather we are bringing to crumbles the hard work and investments of our fellow citizens. These actions will not only damage the economic growth of the country, it will also lead the country to Anarchy and disunity such as witnessed in

some war torn countries where destruction and insurgency is reigning supreme.

This is also a wake up call to the Government to find better approaches to resolving the budding chaos and dis-unity in the country. Every life is precious…resorting to killing of innocent lives is not considered a diplomatic/democratic way of handling conflicts. Therefore I plead to the government, as well as every citizen of this country, let’s reach a point of equilibrium whereby a sincere solution which can suffice in resolving the crisis in the country. Any protest which doesn’t end with a peaceful and reasonable dialogue from both parties will Never have a Resolution. Let us try as citizens of this country to embrace peace and order regardless of the odds against us because that is the major Agenda, as Nigeria is Ours to build.



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