By: Agosu ‘Tayo

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. The Nigerian Youths have taken to the street to demand for a check in the activities of the Nigeria. Police following the increasing numbers of deaths and accidental discharges, extortion and extra judicial killings recorded in the country.

The aggreived youth have been engaging in peaceful protests in order to drive home their demands as responsible citizens but there came a twist to the story as the military has been involved.

Gunshots can be heard almost everywhere as bodies of the peaceful protesters littered the roads. This sounds like some novel excerpts but it is the sad reality of Nigeria at this stage of our National existence.

At this rate, we are back in the Stone age where power is equal to right, where impunity reign supreme, where human life is Brutish and short. An age where absolute power is truly corrupting absolutely. A state in human existence where the motto is “All man for himself and God for us all”.

Shameful to realise that the rule of Law we religiously proclaim isn’t in force anywhere. Worrisome is the realization that government cannot address the agitations of the governed. It is a clear indication that we are yet to and probably may not advance in our system of governance. Jungle defines this place!

Where is that civilization? We have seen deliberations and dialogues on matters like this in “Organised” climes. This is a global let down we may not recover from at this stage of our national existence.

A lot of questions will never be answered.

Generation to come will wonder and ask questions.

Posterity will blame a lot of people for their actions and inactions

We can only but Hope but it is unfortunate that we may not get the Nigeria of our dreams. Switching off the street lights and opening fire on peaceful protesters is the height of impunity. Now you will wonder if these men are really interested in governing the people or playing poker with the helpless citizens. They clearly do not understand the international standards and relevant laws relating to governance.

Boko Haram has been raging for years and having picnics even at the doormat of the president but condolence visits to affected villages matters while khaki boys choose to handle them with kids’ gloves, grant enemies if state amnesty and pay them above the minimum wage from the taxpayers’ money. Truly this place is a joke! Some form of geographical accident with evil hearted and blood thirsty beings strategically positioned to hamper peaceful coexistence of the people.

The people submitted their powers into the wrong hand. The international community is watching this melodrama.

“You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time”

This and Generations to come will not forgive you for this evil.

Take the second stanza of of the national anthem and pray for this nation because we need a divine intervention. A total shift from these foxes in sheep skins.

“Oh God of Creation, direct our nobel cause.

Guide our leaders right,

Help our youths the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow

And living,just and true,

Great lofty heights attained,

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign”



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