Shoprite Nigeria has debunked the story making the rounds that it intends to close shop in Nigeria. The new week started with the rumours of Shoprite’s exit from the Nigerian economy and quite a lot of analysts have wondered why the retail giant have to tow this line at this crucial stage in the global economy.

The Country Director for Chastex Consult, Ini Archibong said: “Shoprite is not leaving Nigeria.

“We have only just opened to Nigerian investors which we have also been talking to just before now. We are not leaving, who leaves over a $30billion invest and close shop? It doesn’t sound right.

“We have only just given this opportunity to Nigerian investors to come in and help drive our expansion plans in Nigeria. So we are not leaving as rumoured.

“I have tried to say this to so many people as I can. There should be no panic at all. There is no truth in that report.”

Recall that reports have been circulating that the retail outlet has started a formal process to consider the potential sale of all or a majority of stake in its supermarkets in Nigeria.

The report said the retailer had struggled in the Nigeria market after some South African owned retailer shops exited the Nigeria market.

The report further stated that Shoprite results for the year do not reflect any of their operations in Nigeria as it will be classified as a discontinued operation.

The report also said international markets excluding Nigeria contributed 11.6 per cent to the group sales and reported 1.4 per cent decline in sales from 2018.

South African operations contributed 78 per cent of the overall sales and saw 8.7 per cent rise for the years.

The report went further to say that as a result of the lockdown, customers’ visits declined 7.4 per cent but the average basket spends increased by 18.4 per cent so there is no cause for alarm as the retail giant is still very much around.


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