Mamman Daura who is president Buhari’s nephew, wants power rotation jettisoned because it denies the nation competence where it matters most. That’s ok by me on one condition; that we take this very standard too in every aspect of our national existence where it matters most too.

We should drop Federal Character in employment and go for competence. We should go for competent hands and brains in employing NNPC staff. In enrollment into Military, Police, Navy, Air Force, Army, etc, we should go for the best the nation have to offer, even if all of them comes from Ogun, Osun, Cross Rivers, Anambra or Zamfara, we should just go for the best.

We should go for the best in school enrollment, in unity school, higher institutions of learning, anything education. We should cancel this giving different score marks qualifications to different states. Place that single qualification standard there and anyone that scores highest gets enrolled into school. In all the federal government parastals, we should employ people based on the best brain.

This is how to argue with his stand. That’s how to argue with such people. We are making too much issue out of the presidential issue. Present a stronger fact that should rattle him and his gang and insist on it, let him realise that he just shortchanged the very north he laboured to please with that stand.

The president of Nigeria is just a figure head of a largely mismanaged entity that could have been great. Let’s encourage Daura to accept that his stand on competent hands handling the highest affairs of the nation is welcome. Only if it will go round. Let’s not just focus on the president.

Believe me, if we ignore his competent president rant and focus on making competency the very standard of our existence, and make an issue out of it, these Kaduna mafians that are planning for the president to remain in the North, will be the very people begging for power rotation.

Now, when BBC publishes the main interview you will notice that the same northerners that have been screaming insecurity, are ready to choose another incompetent northerner like Buhari, just to make sure power remains in the North.

You see why the only solution out is total restructuring or division of the country. But the room for the first option has totally ran out.

In all, Mamman Daura is just being a Fulani man, which he should be anyway. They take advantage where they are in position of advantage, lower the standard to suit them where they are disadvantaged. They want to grab everything around them and don’t care about the other person. They want to grab your land, your source of living, your women and turn everyone around them to their slaves. It’s only having a slave master relationship that you can be at peace with them. So, no one should be ashamed that he took that stand. I only wish that the Igbos in APC shouting at us to join them and get a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction, will realise that the very people they’re fooling themselves around with have no immediate plan for that.


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