In one of our publications we x-rayed the concept of leadership and how it evolved. The Enugu West Senatorial district as enlightened as it is is no doubt fraught with some bad eggs that are dangerous to the smooth running of the district especially as they are on regular rampage to confuse the right thinking Youth populace by spreading fake news and encouraging calumny among the people.

One of such bad elements is Humphery Onyima, a notable troublemaker, blackmailer, selfish and insensitive political spectators who takes advantage of unsuspecting young men and women to realise his dream of formenting troubles.

Finally our dream as the crusaders of peace in this our senatorial district is coming to reality as our sons and daughters are finally reaching the realisation that the slave rule is rather uncalled for and should be stopped for the Enugu West of our dream and the name of the Igbo Nation.

Nwede Chiamaka had a very close brush with Humphery Onyima’s camp and got to realize that it is not the way forward for the Igbo Nation we all wish to have. She has a lot to reveal to the well meaning Igbo Youths. Take your time and ponder on the oncoming facts and draw your inferences.

I dream of a zone where everyone is happy. I envision a zone distinctively characterized by good governance, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. An integrated and prosperous zone where there would be no need for weapons of war, insulting of our leaders, but peace and the pursuit of happiness birthed by good governance policies and infrastructural development.

The zone of my dream is a zone that industrializes sustainably. A land where no one is left behind, including women and young people in charting the way towards inclusive prosperity. A zone that is not a permanent receiver of aids but a strong and influential global partner.

I envision a zone with committed and sincere leaders with success mentality; leaders who will take responsibility for creating transparent, accountable and credible systems of policy-making and law enforcement. I dream of a zone that is blessed with people-centered men and women, who will, through faith and insight, conceive a picture of a developed and safe zone and would wisely employ the state’s resources to realize this vision.

The Enugu West of my dreams list is so endless!!

The zone of my dream is not a third world. She is not even a first world or a second world. The zone of my dream is the hope of the worlds. She is the torchbearer for her six siblings, the fountain of peace, justice, liberty and shared abundance.

For my dreams to come true requires the collective efforts of all youths and stakeholders of Enugu west including me.

At a point I made the sad discovery that I was misled to join the group of people who are disuniting the peace of Enugu West by insulting our elders and respected leaders directly or indirectly.

For the Enugu West of my dream to come true, I have come to the realization that it is high time I dissociated myself from any group or organization that is fighting against the peace we are enjoying in Enugu West and Enugu State in general.

From today I pledge my full allegiance to every activity geared towards the smooth running of our state and also uphold the ideals of the Igbo Nation in general.

I want to use this medium to apologise to all Enugu West leaders, Youths and Stakeholders who I offended in one way or the other.
Please forgive and let peace continue to reign.

Finally, to all applicants for stellamaris foundation essay competition should not fear or lose confidence. The competition is still on and prize is still very much intact.

Thanks to the Youth Leadership of Enugu West.

God bless the Workaholic Governor of Enugu State.
God bless the Senator Representing Enugu West Senatorial district Sen. Prof. Ike Ekweremadu PhD.CFR God bless the entire Enugu West leaders

By: Nwede Chiamaka Stellamaris


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