A video surfaced online in November 2019 showing two Babcock students engaging in intercourse in what appeared to be their school clinic. The video went viral and caused a stir online as many people begun to share their thoughts on the matter. The lady in question received heavy backlash over the act, to the point that Babcock Vice Chancellor, Prof Tayo Ademola after being silent for days, ordered her immediate expulsion from the university.

She was a 300 level student of Accounting at the time the viral clip was released but school the management said she had been expelled since the video leaked in April, 2019. Ever since she was expelled, there has been little to no news on her whereabouts or update on her welfare.

But it appears some recourse has come her way as a medical doctor, Ola Brown has given update on plans being made to return the young lady’s life back to normal.

Dr Brown had revealed in June 2020, that she’s been making progress ever since the sex tape incident which ruined her life and led to her being expelled. Dr Brown said; “I know not many people will care, but there are some people that followed the story of ‘Babcock girl’ “I am so proud of the progress she is making academically/psychologically/ spiritually “Hoping she will become one of the worlds best finance guru’s/economists “Everytime she calls she has some new insight about the wonderful world of finance/accounting/economics. “She is smart, passionate & focused. She reads widely and deeply.

She understands complex topics easily. “I see her at the IMF/AFDB or some other global finance institution She will NOT be defined by the manner in which her privacy was violated by someone she trusted” .

However, giving a more recent update, the doctor said that plans have been concluded for the lady to continue her studies abroad while on a scholarship. “Just made her scholarship payment. She will be travelling out to study in the next few months. Future head of the IMF/World Bank loading by God’s grace.” the doctor said.


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