The Minister for Aviation, Hadi Sirika, has been urged to open the Nigerian Airspace for airline operators, to avoid further economic meltdown ravaging the country.

Speaking to with newsmen in Lagos on was the CEO, Aeroland Travels, Mr. Segun Adewale, who has tasked the Federal Government, to see reasons with operators and those in related businesses as regards why Airports across the country should be opened for both local and international operations.

According to him, since the lockdown started in March due to COVID19, the Travel and Tours Idustry which has over 20,000 direct members and employees running into hundreds of thousands have not had it any good.

He said, it was good that the government worked very hard to contain COVID-19 pandemic, which is a global phenomenon, but while the airspace was locked down, that, it did not inhibit private jets and chartered aircraft from moving in and out of Nigeria, which negates the need for a lockdown of our airspace in the first instance.

A lot of families that depend on their daily bread from the proceeds they get by working in our industry, have been going through severe pains, as the promise of Federal government’s loan/palliative, through the designated Micro Finance bank, aimed at cushioning the effect of the lockdown was not accessible by employees of our industry.

Adewale stated further that, most of the countries, who were severely hit by the pandemic are now opening their economy, he therefore made a call on the Federal government to consider a quick reopening of Aviation sector.

The reality is that we cannot lockdown forever, and we must not also allow our economy to collapse, but must manage to strike a balance, he noted.

Aviation Minister.


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