By: Chukwuka Udeh

Jubilation rented the air as the Enugu West Youth Assembly unveiled plans to truly empower the people. This was contained in the press statement issued by Ambassador Elvis Obi-Nwankwo.

According to the youth leader “over the years we have laid siege for meritocracy in almost every youth development initiative in our communities, denying ourselves the deserving commitment, passion and dedication to incubate successful ventures in our communities, and that is why Enugu West Youth General Assembly, having established its plans to embody the visions of the entire youth of Enugu West’s plans to unleash a youth development strategy that will create kindred impact in every community”.

Ordinarily, our community development projects are slot based which our stakeholders share to their cronies who may not have value for the training, and as thus the purpose is never met.

EWYGA plans to improvise this strategy by impacting every kindred by empowering one person with one skills or the other, this way our poverty index report will substantially reduce in the next 3 years.

It’s important to note that on achieving this feat a lot of feathers will be ruffled, toes stepped on and several clash of interest will happen in various quarters. But in actualizing the Nigeria of our dreams we must be ready to enforce change so far it serves the general interest of the masses.

I must also remind you all that I, Hon. Amb. Elvis Obi-Nwankwo as a solutionist is a doer and never a talker and I will never be party to any evil plot to sabotage the interest of Enugu West Youths. I am here to give results and not excuses and on that note I wish to welcome you all to a new beginning for the betterment of the entire youths of Enugu West Senatorial district.

The UPSKILL THE YOUTH as a palliative is a program set up to transfer and enhance the skills of youths in the ICT sector. The digital economy is rapidly transforming the employment landscape across industries including financial services, health, entertainment, transportation and, of course, information and communication technologies (ICT).

In developing countries like Nigeria, on average one-third of urban workers use digital technologies at work, while in many developed countries, digital skills permeate work environments to the extent that they have become almost necessary for employment.
Therefore to prepare Enugu West Youths for the future of work, we need to empower them with the skills they need to thrive.

Program Focus
This program will focus on three different areas:

Mid-level digital skills:
these include digital graphic design and marketing, content management systems, desktop publishing and social media management, both for job and entrepreneurship opportunities.
Soft skills: complementary to technical skills, these are skills necessary for all professionals to ensure collaborative and effective work in the digital economy.

They include leadership, communication, teamwork and client focus, among others.
Digital entrepreneurship: digital skills required by entrepreneurs, including online market research, strategic planning and business analysis, using financing and crowd-funding platforms, online marketing, online networking and establishing mentoring relationships.
While access to technology is important, the mere availability of ICT does not always translate into its productive use.

Application portal will come live soon:

Please endeavor to register to be part of this great initiative:


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