By: Okechukwu Udeh

It is quite disturbing and very odd to realize that some of the youths of Enugu West Senatorial district are stilll allowing themselves to be used as subservient tools in the hands of the enemies of our common democratic ideals to criticize their God given messiah Professor Senator Ike Ekweremadu. A man who dedicated his self for his people.

Someone who have always considered the well-being of his people by continually empowering the teeming youth of Enugu West Senatorial district. Ekweremadu, the Igbo leader as he’s popularly called despite the various attacks he had passed through from some insensitive people both home and abroad, has distinguished himself as a political pacesetter and a model for the entire Youth of Enugu West.

Sen. Ekweremadu who’s best known for his strict adherence to the democratic tenets has so far for the future of our well-being ensured that his programs and actions are always geared towards the betterment of the people especially in terms of economic revitalization. This has endeared him to a lot of well meanings members of the society as a man of humility, uncommon knowledge, custodian of culture, moral and sacrificial principles.

With a leader such as the Senator, one would have believeed that the world will be standing up to extol the virtue of this illustrious son of the land but it is quite worrisome that there are still some elements who are hell bent on denting the image of this proven and tested leader.

The question on many lips is the reason Why some believe in destroying the image of great people strategically positioned to bring about a change in paradigm as regards our political and leadership landscape.

In as much as this write up is in support of expression whenever there is the need to make grievances known and charting a course to resolve same within the purview of law, we would like to state that it is both distasteful and anti democratic to put on the cloak of deceit pitching tent with those seeking to soil the image of our dear leaders and project us to the world as people without clearcut goals.

Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future. Senator Ike Ekweremadu is our beacon of Hope. A man we can confidently present to the world. He has proven to be resilient and more equipped in terms of experience to steer us towards the future we crave for as a people.
Yes! He is the symbol of our future….


Hon. Amb. Elvis Obi-Nwankwo
Coordinator General Enugu West Youth General Assembly


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